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there are many different ways that you might want to use a table to compare the features or specifications for different products. one set of features might use simple check marks to indicate whether a product supports the feature. for a competitive analysis, you may want to rate the quality of a feature using a star rating or numeric ranking. to use the table, you can delete all the rows that you don’t need and then insert more rows and copy/paste rows that you want to use.

if your computer can display the unicode check mark symbol (✓ or ✔), then using that symbol is a very simple way to create a feature list for different products. here are some of the symbols i find useful: a simple 1-5 star rating system is extremely easy to create with a drop-down list. copy the character or symbol and go to data > data validation and choose list. so, if you were doing a competitive analysis and had a fancy formula for combining the rankings for a group of features to come up with an overall score, you could use numeric rankings for the features.

create a feature comparison table using excel. this template demonstrates many different techniques including rating icons and check marks. – follow these steps to use a comparison infographic template: list the features down the middle of the infographic and compare two similar a good product comparison template can give you a simple and effective means you to tell this story with ease, using simple editing and customizing features, , checklist template, checklist template, checklist template pages, excel checklist.

– a feature comparison chart template can reduce the amount of time to create amazing feature comparison chart by using built-in comparison create your own custom comparison chart designs for free with canva’s use canva to design a comparison chart that’s easily readable and clear to your click to edit a comparison chart template features. graphs photo editing print 32+ comparison chart templates – word, excel, pdf. comparisoncharttemplate. more often than not, comparisons between two things can arise in companies ,

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