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i want to send an email with php when a user has finished filling in an html form and then emailing information from the form. it is better to use header(‘location: thank_you.php’); instead of echo in the php handler to redirect the user to another page afterwards. if you wish to send mail as html and for both instances, then you will need to create two separate sets of html headers with different variable names. if you haven’t already, look at your php.ini and make sure the parameters under the [mail function] setting are set correctly to activate the email service. after you can use phpmailer library and follow the instructions.

i acquired this code from under the codeigniter hood (under system/libraries) and modified it so you can just drop in this email.php file and it should just work. you should be able to use an email client like thunderbird, evolution, microsoft outlook, to specify your smtp server and then be able to send emails through there. but make sure you can at least run it from the browser. visit the email account for and you should have received an email. if you does not, inspect the errors returned on the page. you can also use mandrill app to send the mail in php.

– edit (#1). if i understand correctly, you wish to have everything in one page and execute it from the same page. you can use the following code to send mail php mail() function. ❮ php mail reference and usage. the mail() function allows you to send emails directly from a script. note: when sending an email, it must contain a from header. this can be set with login form html includes it is a common requirement to have a form on almost any web site. in this article, we will create a php script that will send an email when a webform is submitted., php mail script, php mail script, php mail %3D %24smtp, php mail bcc, php mail zeilenumbruch.

– die e-mail funktion von php ist sehr praktisch, denn damit können wir formulardaten versenden lassen oder ganze newsletter-scripts – ein schönes feature von diesem script: ändert sich euer formular, $url_ok = ” /ok.php”; //zielseite, wenn e-mail css styles code; form processing code; example html form; form tag; html text field; html textarea field; html radio buttons; html checkboxes , php smtp mail versenden, php mail test, php mail test, php form mailer, php send html email

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