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we’ll cover how to use a java model class to store the form input and how to create the struts 2 form to match up with that model class. if you’re following along add this class to the package org.apache.struts.register.model in the coding struts 2 actions example. when creating this form the key concept we need to employ is to tie each form field to a specific instance field of an object of type person. note that we have a struts 2 textfield for each instance field of the class person.

in the register class note that we’ve declared an attribute named personbean of type person and there is a public get and set method for this object. when struts 2 runs the execute method of class register, the personbean object in class register now has values for its instance fields that are equal to the values the user entered into the corresponding form fields. the above action tells struts 2 that when the register action is provided to call method execute of class register. if everything is correct, you should be able to run the application (using mvn jetty:run), and open this url in your web browser: http://localhost:8080/form-processing/index.action.

html. tag form. renders an html <form> element whose contents are described by the body content of this tag. the form implicitly interacts with the specified to collect the above information we’ll use a struts 2 form. when creating doctype html> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/ html; this taglib contains tags used to create struts input forms, as well as other tags generally useful in the creation of html-based user interfaces. many of the tags , struts html form example, struts html form example, struts html:form id, struts html form focus, html el tag.

– we will create a simple feedback form to see how the different struts html tags can be used. the feedback.jsp contains the following code. struts 2 – the form tags – the list of form tags is a subset of struts ui tags. these tags page language = “java” contenttype = “text/html; charset = iso- 8859-1” – understand form handling in struts. struts provides its own form tags to render the html form. these tags are almost equivalent to html ones, , struts programming, struts text tag, struts text tag, html tag library, struts-tags not found

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