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i had to create an xml feed file to be published to itunes as well as pocket casts. i figured it would be nice to share what goes into creating an xml feed, how to validate it, and how to submit it to itunes as well as the popular pocket casts. let’s break down what we need in a podcast xml feed starting with what each episode will look like: every podcast episode will have it’s own block. this block will have generic tags such as , but also itunes specific tags such as which means the same thing.

everything in the file shouldn’t be particularly difficult to understand as the tags are pretty descriptive. so after you’ve created your podcast xml feed, you probably want to validate that it is structurally correct because if it isn’t, apple will probably reject you in their review process. just enter the url to your feed and it will give you information like how it will look in the various podcast repositories and if there are errors. they aren’t particularly difficult to understand, but the various elements included in them can be tricky to figure out. he has experience in java, javascript, golang and a variety of frameworks such as angular, nativescript, and apache cordova.

das beispiel zeigt einen podcastfeed mit zwei folgen, der unter https://www. verfügbar ist:. – learn how to create and validate a podcast xml feed for publishing to http:// /episode2.mp4 </link> <pubdate>sat, 02 – podcast rss feed template. i recently had to fix a podcast feed i’d created for whitby christian fellowship a few years ago. it had broken and , podcast feed validator, podcast feed validator, podcast rss feed generator, podcast xml datei, podcast xml feed.

gegeben. ein rss-feed ist ein spezieller xml-dialekt, der in verschiedenen rfc s definiert ist. im podcasting wird hauptsächlich rss in der version 2.0 genutzt. wdr – sendung mit der maus podcast hören kicker online – videopodcast – each entry in an rss feed can be a bit different, so for example, entries can link to audio, video, or images. podcast rss feeds are slightly below is an example xml document for the delivery of a podcast rss feed. this document contains file information and the corresponding metadata for the ,

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